Boston Spring Open 2016 – Rules & Standings Explained

The Limitations

  1. We don’t have enough time. We don’t have the luxury to have a two day event like NJ Open or week-long event like USGC.
  2. We don’t have enough players. We have limited number of players with a not-so-evenly rank distribution. This is partially a result from (1) because if this is one-day event, our players would be mostly come from local area.

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Boston Spring Open 2016

As another not-so-evil company was(is) trying to spoil the fun of face-to-face (human-to-human) Go playing, Microsoft engaged to the community and generously provided the venue for Boston Spring Open 2016 Go Tournament at Microsoft New England R&D (NERD) Center.


The tournament was held on Saturday, 3/19/2016, with 54 players plus dozens of Go enthusiasts as observers. Continue reading

Who is Li, Zhe?

— by Chun Sun (5d)

wiki page: Li, Zhe (6p)

I just realized that English version of wikipedia for Li Zhe 6p has much less information than its Chinese or Japanese version. So here’s a few highlights I’d like to add:

  • 2004, 2006: National Champion of China
  • 2007: Seven consecutive wins in Chinese Weiqi League A as first board, including wins against Lee Sedol and Gu Li.
  • 2009: Most wins in Chinese Weiqi League A as first board.
  • 2011: National Champion of LongXin cup, Runner-up Ricoh cup. Runner up Meijin cup. Won Park Jeong-hwan et al in Samsung cup preliminary.
  • 2013: Top 4 LG cup

Starting from 2012, he became a full-time student in Peking University, majoring in Philosophy.

Overall, he is a world-champion contender before his decision to go to college.

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